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Part 1 - Yvonne Krumrey
Part 2 - Yvonne Krumrey

Two Spirit Identities and Queer Indigeneity

November and December, 2019 KGNU 

KGNU’s OutSources

6:30 pm Mountain Standard Time

Mondays, November 25th and December 2nd, 2019


Host: Yvonne Krumrey

Out Boulder's QTPOC Steering Committe hosted a screening of the film Two Spirit and a panel following. Part one includes some highlights from the panel. You hear the voices of Crisosto Apache (they/them), Elton Naswood (he/him) and Miranda Encina (They/them and she/hers)

In part two, I talk with Miranda Encina, member of Out Boulder's QTPOC steering committee about their identity as a Two Spirit leader, as well as the effects of colonization on LGBTQ indigenous peoples. 

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